Race Day, full run

Apple Farmer Volvo races Pike's Peak International Hillclimb from steve berry on Vimeo.

Us at halfway Picnic grounds (Thanks Jen!)

Fan clip from Devil's Playground (thanks Tom)

volvo 122 from ringtailedcat on Vimeo.

Jen Hugg's Tajima shot (ffwd to 45 seconds in)

Random clips from the top of the mountain

Vid from Sonia's Phone


Official Pike's Peak site

Official Competitor List

800hp Ford Fiesta storms Pike's Peak

928 Motorsports in-car video

Climb Dance - 1989 Pike's Peak in a Peugot

Gary Faules' vintage rally coverage

2010 Pike's Peak International Hillclimb - Apple Farmer Photo Blog

Apple Farmer Racing is back and ready to take on The Mountain. As far as we know we are the first Volvo since 1958 to run the hilclimb. Check back frequently - we will begin updating this page often starting on 06/22/2010. We'll be posting pictures and videos as quickly and as often as the Rocky Mountain internets will allow.

  Pike's Peak 2010!         Uploaded: Wed Jun 9 19:51:03 2010

New race, new card off to the printer.

  Hero Card. Backside         Uploaded: Wed Jun 9 19:52:54 2010


  Prep         Uploaded: Thu Jun 10 09:26:56 2010

Willy and Al are prepping the car for this year in the shop. New distributor, Richard's hand-grooved sticky tires, new seats and harnesses, all kinds of stuff. We still need to wash the Mexico off of it.

  New tires         Uploaded: Thu Jun 10 09:35:42 2010

Richard bought these stickies and hand-grooved his own groove patterns so we can get bite in the gravel sections.

  Grooves         Uploaded: Thu Jun 10 09:35:41 2010

This should do the job.

  RoofGraphic         Uploaded: Thu Jun 10 11:06:57 2010

Vitek at AXWare ( is cutting us some new vinyl graphics for the race. This piece is going on the roof, white on red.

  100 point inspection         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:46:13 2010

Willy is going over everything

  Waiting on a new airbox base         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:46:16 2010

Our airbox cracked from vibration in Mexico. Richard's friends at RedDot Corp. are fabbing us up a new one for Monday.

  Crew Chief         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:46:17 2010

Al wants to know where the new seats are. Check out his Chevelle drag car off to the side.

  New distributor installed         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:46:18 2010

John Parker at VPD supplied us with a new solid-state 123 distributor. Installed and fired, everything looks good. Check out those OEM volvo mudflaps.

  1 week to go         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:53:58 2010

Everything we need is ordered and in the mail.

  New harnesses         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:53:59 2010

These need to be replaced every 2 years to pass tech. New seatbelts and an over-engineered rollcage are mandatory for sliding the car through dirt past turns with nicknames like "Bottomless Pit" and "Ragged Edge"

  Infinitely variable         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 08:54:10 2010

Willy fine tunes the the webers. We've got a healthy collection of jets and a wideband AFR gauge to guide us but the race is a 5000' climb and carbs don't adjust to air density changes. We'll be running lean at the bottom and rich near the top of the mountain, we just have to find the sweet spot and deal with it.

  New seats and harnesses installed         Uploaded: Fri Jun 11 22:07:52 2010

Starting to look like a new car.

  Driving suit for Richard         Uploaded: Sun Jun 13 09:15:08 2010

Richard's design. Gray and orange nomex.

  War Map         Uploaded: Tue Jun 15 17:06:34 2010

24"x72" laminated course map. Thanks to Guido H. for the stitched together digital image file used to make this map. All turns are labeled and some of the terrain is enhanced. We'll use this as a visual aid between practice sections.

  Building Course Notes         Uploaded: Wed Jun 16 14:53:21 2010

A rally navigator uses pace notes to call out turns to the driver to warn them of what's next on course. I built the final notes in Indesign by combining several sources and converting them into the notation format Richard prefers. We'll hone these during practice.

  Monster         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 11:14:05 2010

Tajima's monster looking to beat 10 min record

  Electric racer goes through tech         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 11:16:38 2010

  Waiting for tech         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 11:18:34 2010

  Teching the car         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 11:29:23 2010

  Passed tech         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 16:03:10 2010

Green light.

  Race graphics         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 21:06:53 2010

Sonia worked all morning to get these on the truck. Top of the car looks good too.

  Richard planning Wednesday practice         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 21:08:33 2010

  Austin tx Subaru/Evo         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 21:12:59 2010

Lots of texans in this race

  Car loaded and prepped for tomorrow         Uploaded: Tue Jun 22 21:15:39 2010

All drivers meetings and tech are done. Will post practice results tomorrow when we get time.

  Practice day 1. Top of the mountain         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 11:57:07 2010

We practiced at the top of the mountain yesterday. Glassy dirt and thousand foot drop offs were pretty hairy as we worked to sort out the mixtures. Finding Internet connections is very difficult so expect sporadic updates.

  Ready for first runs on the mountain         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 13:19:51 2010

  Open wheeler         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 13:22:14 2010

  Stock cars on the mountain         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 13:25:07 2010

These guys are fast and loose. Really exciting to see them run.

  Apple farmer day 2         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 13:32:04 2010

Black smoke from the racing semi behind Richard. We ran well on the bottom section. Were pretty far back in the class but happy with our performance. We could sure use an extra 300 cubic inches.

  Mustang         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 13:34:15 2010

  Al and Richard at practice         Uploaded: Thu Jun 24 19:11:53 2010

  Day 3 practice         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 10:11:04 2010

#290 3:37 for this section. We're doin alright.

  Gunther's stude         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 10:21:28 2010

Willy took some time to help these guys with fueling on their car as they break it in

  Black Cuda         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:38:10 2010

One of our competitors in vintage. Sorry for the sparse updates- I've been limited to getting updates out via phone for the most part and even phone connectivity is spotty near the mountain. It makes it hard to tell a story,

  Loading the car post-practice         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:42:16 2010

  Wicked fast evo         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:45:23 2010

This guy caught us and passed us yesterday right before th tollbooths at Glen cove. All we heard was turbo whine and he was around us like we were standing still. Here is vid from his crew - - pass is at the end. This guy is so bloody fast...

  Open wheel cars         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:47:04 2010

Practiced today on the middle section of the course. Lots of switchbacks over a brief distance. We put in one solid practice run and decided to save the car after that and watched the big dogs head up the first leg of the mountain. If weather holds up this will definitely be a record breaking year.

  Rhys Millen exits the RedBull Hyundai         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:48:45 2010

This is one of the premier cars here. The Millen family has a long history at the peak and Rhys is here this year with a purpose built car to break the 10 minute barrier.

  Tajima         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:54:43 2010

This guy is is a monster. Neat to meet these people in person.

  The monster finishing practice run         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:54:41 2010

This car is a force of nature.

  GT3         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:54:45 2010

One of the top cars dicing on the hill

  Helicopters filming practice         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:54:47 2010

The media attention given the top cars is exciting. The top drivers are consumed by press and photo ops.

  Fuentes and Mockett (in blue)         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:56:58 2010

These guys are dominant in La Carrera Panamericana and they are pushing for a big win on the mountain Sunday in their "Mocket Rocket" Olds (available as a hothweels car)

  Bottomless Pit         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:58:37 2010

Several thousand foot drop off of the road side. The natural beauty here is incredible.

  Switchbacks         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:58:40 2010

One of the great vantage points to watch cars come up the mountain.

  Charles Breed in the Lister         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 20:54:12 2010

LS7 and weighs next to nothing

  Tajima says "favorite car, very fast"         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 20:58:35 2010

  Yokohama Electric racer         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 21:04:52 2010

  Aussie Volvo rally team         Uploaded: Sat Jun 26 11:46:58 2010

Ashley and Andy stopped through during practice days to watch some pikes peak runs. They run a clean 122 in targa tasmania. Great to talk with them. Learn more at

  Waiting to descend         Uploaded: Fri Jun 25 18:54:50 2010

3rd practice is over. We aren't last with a 3:37 but we are further from the leaderboard than Apple Farmer Racing is used to. We're having a hell of the good time.

  Race Day: Ready to rock         Uploaded: Mon Jun 28 10:49:38 2010

Getting ready to run

  At the start line         Uploaded: Mon Jun 28 10:51:56 2010

9:50 am

  15:15 - Mission accomplished         Uploaded: Mon Jun 28 11:03:01 2010

We were shooting for 15:00. The Apple Farmer is somewhat disappointed but we acknowledge that we brought a knife to a gunfight. We'll be back next year with an optimized car (sharper knife) and maybe leading a new vintage 4 cylinder class. Tons of video and hi res photos to come. Thanks for following!

  More pics from the race         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:40 2010

The following pics were items I couldn't find the bandwidth to upload.

  Willy says "Relax"         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:43 2010

  Switchback         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:44 2010

  Planning is guessing         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:45 2010

  Mockett Rocket         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:42 2010

  16 year old Savannah         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:46 2010

She's definitely the Rookie of the year.

  View of the summit from our campground         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:48 2010

  Prepping for race day         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:49 2010

  Richard finds his people         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:51 2010

Bailey wanted to ride in a pickup truck bed so he could see the course better. We flagged down these guys and they gave him a ride. Several thousand people camp on the mountain the night before the race. These folks had 2 kegs of beer in the bed of the truck to get them through the race. Party on.

  Someone carved this in the snow in the switchbacks on the course         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:52 2010

  Willy sleeps         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 17:47:08 2010

  Richard and Sonia         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:54 2010

Sonia helped us all week with general organization and everything from food procurement to vinyl installation. She made herself a useful crew member.

  Bailey         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:55 2010

  Sasquatch crossing         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:56 2010

Coolest yeti

  Race day         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:57 2010

The crew splits off and heads up to camp out while Richard and I head for the pit area.

  Summit visible from the pits         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:42:58 2010

  Ridgeline race truck         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:00 2010

These guys kick ass - super nice people with an all pro racing program. They did a great job representing Honda.

  We made it.         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:01 2010

What a race. Making it to the top is something awesome. Richard and Tom soak it in.

  Lincoln         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:02 2010

The climb was hard on cooling systems. This was contained and cleaned up immediately.

  Weather         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:03 2010

We were on top of the mountain for 5 hours. During that time the temp swung 40 degrees, it rained, snowed, sleeted and the sun shone. It's a beast.

  Datsun         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:05 2010

  Winner, Pike's Peak open class         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:07 2010

This was a great team of young, smart guys from Austin who took first place. Hell yes.

  Austin FTW         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:06 2010

Dave C's evo brings it home. Andrew Hawkeswood didn't make it to the top.

  Media         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:08 2010

Interviews and coverage from the finish line. The driver of the electric racer is being interviewed - he just broke his own record.

  Gunther         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:10 2010

He had a rough start in practice - we were all glad to see him and his wife/navigator make it to the top.

  Bitchin Camaro         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:09 2010

  Pro Navigator         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:14 2010

Angelica Fuentes has a 27 year pro motorsports career. She is hired by drivers all over the world. It was really great to compete and talk with her.

  Angelica's notes         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:13 2010

All hand written, developed over several years.

  Hemmings Motor News         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:12 2010

Thanks to my employer for helping to drum up some support for the race. We also got some press support from Daniel Johnston at Volvo Cars NA.

  Clouds move in         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:15 2010

  NOS Evo clips the apex at the last hairpin         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:17 2010

I set up with a camera for an hour or so and snapped some good action pics

  Guardrail         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:18 2010

  Tajima sets up the turn         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:19 2010

  Tajima takes down a haybale         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:20 2010

  Angelica, Tajima and the chopper         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:21 2010

The helicopter was awesome. They would appear suddenly over the ridges, looked like obligatory helicopter shots from 1980's action tv shows.

  Millen         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:24 2010

  Dallenbach         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:43:22 2010

  Storm Rolls in         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:32 2010

  Media interviews Millen         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:34 2010

His >11 min run was a far from the 10 minute mark. I heard they were having a lot of trouble with tires and traction. I'm sure we'll see them back next year with these issues solved.

  The monster arrives         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:35 2010

  Hay in the splitter         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:36 2010

  Waiting for the bikes to run         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:38 2010

  He made it         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:40 2010

Lots of emotion as people crossed the finish line

  Good company         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:39 2010

  Keith Davidson         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:42 2010

This guy is cool-as-shit and he sums up what is so great about the grassroots racer ethic. He once again won the vintage class (unmodified) in his Falcon this year. Keith and the rest of RMVR are the definition of class - we all really appreciate the hard work they do to make this race happen for us.

  Pro         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:46 2010

Bryan brought this amazing replica datsun rally car and laid down incredible times. Thanks to him and his team for helping us with jetting issues.

  Disappointment         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:47 2010

Tajima got a 10:11. This was supposed to be the year the record was shattered. Everything was perfect for the run, it just didn't happen. When he walked by the rest of the drivers in the cafeteria everyone started spontaneously clapping for him. He won overall and still holds the record. Next year is the year.

  The End         Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 11:53:49 2010

We all start up engines and run downhill. Fans line the course and we get a thousand hi-fives on our way down. Everybody loves the car and we hand out cards to the kids. The best was shaking hands with Al, Willy and Sonia and all of our friends who came to watch. This was a great way to close out months of hard work and made everything worthwhile. See you next year.

          Uploaded: Wed Jun 30 15:45:24 2010