The A+ Team

Richard Bailey - Driver and Apple Farmer Racing Boss

Richard Bailey knows no fear. He has the reflexes of a jungle cat and the short term memory of a man much his senior. Richard is the leader and driver for the Apple Farmer team.

Nate Wilson - Copiloto, Expert Stunt Pilot

Nate is a cropduster and expert aviation mechanic and he can usually be found buzzing the deck all over Royal City in his stunt plane or T6 trainer. Nate serves as navigator and driving coach in the racecar.
(Still searching for video clips which are legal to show in the US)

Al Ginochio - Crew Chief, Support Driver

Al runs the support crew and drives our equipment all over Mexico trying to beat the racecars to service stops through insane driving conditions. This congenial gentleman farmer is the backbone of the Apple Farmer race team.

Steve Berry - Mechanico, Computer Expert

Steve, the most handsome member of the Apple Farmer racing team, is a mechanic based in Austin, Texas. Known for fixing Volvo's in parking lots, Steve is laser-focused on keeping the car on the road throughout the 2000 mile race.

Willy - Mechanico

Willy is a crack race mechanic and maintains the racecar. He's a wrench and a driver and a critical member of the Apple Farmer racing team.

Oddvar Ogland - Norseman, Sherpa

Oddvar Ogland is the Guru Volvo mechanic. This Ballard,WA based Norwegian is the Apple Farmer's secret weapon.