Race Day, full run

Apple Farmer Volvo races Pike's Peak International Hillclimb from steve berry on Vimeo.

Us at halfway Picnic grounds (Thanks Jen!)

Fan clip from Devil's Playground (thanks Tom)

volvo 122 from ringtailedcat on Vimeo.

Jen Hugg's Tajima shot (ffwd to 45 seconds in)

Random clips from the top of the mountain

Vid from Sonia's Phone


Official Pike's Peak site

Official Competitor List

800hp Ford Fiesta storms Pike's Peak

928 Motorsports in-car video

Climb Dance - 1989 Pike's Peak in a Peugot

Gary Faules' vintage rally coverage

2010 Pike's Peak International Hillclimb - Apple Farmer Photo Blog

Apple Farmer Racing is back and ready to take on The Mountain. As far as we know we are the first Volvo since 1958 to run the hilclimb. Check back frequently - we will begin updating this page often starting on 06/22/2010. We'll be posting pictures and videos as quickly and as often as the Rocky Mountain internets will allow.